Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cospar-2012 to be hosted at Mysore

Some 2,500 of the world’s space scientists are set to come together in Mysore from July 14 to 22.
The event, Cospar-2012 or the Committee on Space Research, will discuss papers worked around the theme `Space for the benefit of mankind’. It will formally open on July 16.
The highlight will be a roundtable where space agencies will present a vision for space beyond 2020. The ISRO Chairman, Dr K. Radhakrishnan, will unveil the Indian vision.

Govt plans to revive 5 PSUs with huge fund infusion

Plans to revive five public sector units (PSUs) at a total investment of Rs.4,575 crore are under active consideration of the government which will  revive Lucknow-based Scooters India, HMT, HMT Bearings, HMT Watches, newsprint maker NEPA and Nagaland Pulp and Paper — will be revived through the induction of funds by the government.
In the case of Scooters India Ltd (SIL), the government's plan changed from offering it for outright sale to reviving on its own.

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