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SBI - IBPS - Model-question-paper-Clerk-PO-Marketing-Aptitude-Only-Sample-question-paper-4-with-answers

SBI - IBPS - Model question paper Clerk PO(Marketing Aptitude Only ) - 4 (Sample question paper)  with answers:
This will be useful in SBI, IBPS clerical and probationary officer(PO) exams...
Practice these papers and do well in the exams... Good luck... Enjoy the exam...


        1.      A brand is a

e)      All of these

       2.      Trade mark is a

d)     Brand

       3.      Container is a part of

e)      Packaging

       4.      Packaging involves

e)      All of these

       5.      PIC may be used for

d)     Packaging

       6.      In PIC, P stands for

c)      Protection

       7.      In PIC, I stands for

a)      Identification

       8.      Check list may be used for

c)      Packaging

       9.      Descriptive labels may be used for

a)      Medicine producer

       10.  Super 777 soap is an example of

b)      Grand labels

       11.  PLC stands for

b)      Product Life Cycle

       12.  Which is the first stage of PLC?

a)      Introduction
       13.  Which is the utility of PLC?

e)      All of these

       14.  Pricing objectives is based on

d)     All of these

       15.  Fixed cost is related with

c)      Time

       16.  A variable cost is related with

a)      Production

       17.  An additional cost which is created after addition production is known as

b)      Incremental cost

       18.  Total cost of production equal to sales price is called

c)      Break even point
       19.  Which is price setting method?

e)      All of these

       20.  Trade discount is given on

b)      List price

       21.  Which is direct channel distribution?

b)      Producer – Consumer

       22.  Which is the form of E – Commerce?

e)      All of these

       23.  Which is the type of E – commerce?

e)      All of these

       24.  B2B adopted by

e)      All of these
       25.  Credit card is an example of

b)      B2C

       26.  The transaction of chain shops may be

b)      In cash

       27.  Which factor affects the promotion?

e)      All of these

       28.  Which is out-door advertising?

e)      All of these

       29.  Personal selling

a)      Consists of contracting prospective buyers of product personally

       30.  RIDSAC is a

c)      Selling process
       31.  In RIDSAC, R stands for

a)      Reception

       32.  Which is the method of sales promotion?

e)      All of these

       33.  Which is an essential for a good advertising copy?

e)      All of these

       34.  Sampling as a sales promotion device is the actual offering of a free trial of a product to

b)      Consumer

       35.  A contest is

a)      Sales promotion devise

       36.  The new concept of marketing is based on

a)      Customer oriented
       37.  Which is the element of new concept of marketing?

e)      All of these

       38.  Buying motives are

a)      Those influences or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action, or determine choice in the purchase of goods or services

       39.  The durable product have

a)      Long life

       40.  Effective marketing helps in

d)     All of these


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